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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  September 7, 2017 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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history and it is full speed heading straight for the turks and caicos and the bahamas. heather: after hammering puerto rico and the caribbean with unprecedented damage. rob: the eyes staring directly at florida forcing new evacuation orders this morning. janice dean is tracking this very impressive storm. >> reporter: pictures out of saint maarten are devastating, this is a category 5, we have josé and another hurricane in the gulf of mexico, and not going to affect the us so it is irma's game moving close to hispaniola, the worst of the wind and rain for puerto rico but they got battered by at least tropical storm force winds, some storm surge and heavy rainfall. future radar, puerto rico, the dominican republic into turks
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and caicos and the bahamas as a category 5 storm, very concerned for these low-lying islands. if it comes closer to cuba's that would be a better news story because it might weaken the storm a little bit. right now ahead of it is very warm -- warm water and not a lot of land. the latest track as of 5:00 am, remaining a category 5 storm as it moves through the bahamas tomorrow and saturday. it is forecast to take a sharp curve and that is when things get tricky. the florida area, south florida, bahamas, the southeast needs to be on alert for the possibility of a hurricane knocking on your door. computer models an agreement in the next 24 to 48 hours and watch what happens as it gets close to south florida. a big wide spread. that is why we are concerned,
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there's a possibility the storm stays offshore, continues to better the whole state of florida, but now perhaps landfall across georgia or the carolinas into tuesday. one of the computer models, still a strong category 5 storm, coming close to the keys and south florida and scraping the east coast of florida battering this area and we watch the southeast. this is a dangerous storm. i want to mention this is hard to forecast especially when it makes that hard right. that is why i want everyone to be compared on the gulf coast and the east coast, this one not a lot of certainty in the next 48 hours. >> a glancing blow would be much nicer than a direct hit. >> the same path that matthew took. rob: heather is a little sick. hurricane irma batterers the caribbean florida ramping up
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evacuations. >> is a race against the clock for millions from miami beach where thousands have been ordered to leave. >> reporter: good morning to you at home. people are taking this warning seriously. in miami beach we are under mandatory evacuation but people are already sitting out here, their cars are parked, sitting in line attempting to get gas. when we came into town yesterday line for gas were unbelievable and the line you are looking at wraps around the corner around the block. this is one of the gas stations that is open at this hour, that must mean because they have gas but they don't but they are being told gas is coming.
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>> since 2:30 this morning. >> 21/2 hours we have been here waiting. >> did anyone tell you you need to wait in line? >> we came last night and they told us the gas would be here, we tried to get a good spot, we are still waiting. >> reporter: you are going to evacuate? when are you planning to do that? you have to go to work? >> yes. they say i have to work. take everything away from the windows. >> reporter: you have never lived through hurricane? >> no, first time. >> reporter: you scared? >> very. >> reporter: why did you decide to leave? >> we just moved to our house here which is two blocks down, we have nothing in our house at all, no water, no food, nothing. we just got here two weeks ago so we are going to stay at my boyfriend's house and he is
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going to help us out. >> reporter: how long will you wait here for gas? >> we waited so long, might as well wait a little longer. >> reporter: i wish you guys the best. we are going to be looking for gas trucks to pull in and rex got says everybody needs to be prepared. >> got to make sure everybody our state watches this hurricane. it could go up the east coast, the west coast, the middle of the state. it is a big storm and we got to be prepared. we are working hard. i talked to donald trump and vice president mike pence and all the resources of the federal government will be available to help us. we are taking it -- quick action. >> reporter: people taking this seriously the heating mornings attempting to get gas and get out of here, we are getting kicked out of our hotel tomorrow morning, we have to figure out where to go and a lot of people in the same situation trying to
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get out early. rob: thanks so much. heather: the pentagon sending warships to see, eight ships filled with supplies will be on hand for relief operations in the aftermath of hurricane irma, two were supposed to go to texas to help harvey victimless, hundreds of marines being reassigned. the house approving a multibillion-dollar aid package for hurricane harvey relief after the president struck a deal with democrats. >> reporter: the money needed as texans grapple to repair their homes and the state's economy after the monster storm. >> reporter: behind me a neighborhood that is inaccessible because of flooding. the water so high it submerged the cars behind me.
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this letting was not caused by the storm. it was intentional. houston mayor forced to release water from local reservoirs because they were on the verge of breaking and as a result hundreds of people are in need of temperature -- temporary shelter and housing assistance from fema. fema dishing out cash at a record pace, so quick they were at risk of running out of cash this weekend which is why they needed congress to act and luckily they did. yesterday donald trump striking a deal with democratic leaders chuck schumer and nancy pelosi to raise the debt ceiling and fund the government and provide dollars for the recovery effort. >> i publicly applauded what congress did today, we worked collaboratively with the trump administration or members of
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congress, we are all in this together, one team responding united as a nation. >> reporter: crews are working sunup to sunset cleaning debris off the streets, heartbreaking moment for many like naomi james who watched as workers literally throughout all of her possessions. >> everything, close, furniture, my piano, everything. i lost it all. i am a musician. it is heartbreaking but i trust god. i know it will be okay. i am not worried. >> reporter: major highways are open, streets are dry, school ready to start on monday. recovery well underway. rob: donald trump full steam
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ahead on his campaign promise of tax reform, commander in chief speaking to hundreds of people in north dakota backed with bipartisan support. garrett tenney with more on that. >> reporter: tax reform is not expected to be easier than healthcare reform so donald trump will need all the support he can to get this done including from moderate democrats. last week he was in missouri selling tax reform and yesterday on the road again in north dakota where he described the tax code as a self-inflicted wound going for massive tax cuts for individuals and businesses. >> the plumbers and nurses and police officers, all the people like you who pour their heart into every penny earned, offices and oilfields of america, you are the ones who carry this nation on your back and it is
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time for you to get the relief that you deserve. it is enough. it is enough. >> reporter: donald trump called on congress to work together on what he described on a once in a generation opportunity to cut taxes, simplify the tax code and the white house hopes is a sign of things to come, heidi hwit m hwitkamp joined the president, the administration is targeting for tax reform and other agenda items. this afternoon the president working on another campaign promise, rebuilding america's infrastructure and participating in efforts at the white house. heather: bipartisanship is not a word we have heard a lot of. rob: a blood red state like north dakota and moderate democrat in heidi heitkamp.
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it is tough for a democrat to win unless they are somewhat moderate and have some conservative values. does this mean we will talk about more of this on the horizon? could we see other democrats on stage with the president looking for common ground? listen to a soundbite on that? >> everyone saying what is she doing up here? but good woman and i think we will have your support, hope we will have your support and thank you for coming up. rob: there you have it. she got up there and that is a bold move for a democrat to get on stage with the president and show some support. heather: to see what the response will be. so kellyanne conway, counselor to the president call for tax reform in north dakota.
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what is missing? >> missing the fact you have democratic senators like heidi heitkamp willing to stand with the president, join him to her home state of north dakota, 73% support tax reform. donald trump running on tax reform and tax relief by 36 points, where joe mansion in west virginia up for reelection, that is a state bill clinton carried in 1996 and 20 years later donald trump carried the state by 43 points because he ran as a limited government conservative, repeal and replace obamacare, strengthen our borders and keep us prosperous. heather: everyone work together, we didn't tell you in her statement heidi heitkamp intends to keep working with both sides. rob: hopefully with the
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political situation in won't get a lot done. 12 minutes after the hour. >> taking advantage of people racing to get out of the hurricane's path you won't believe how much the prices are skyrocketing. >> how can you open your door to defend him? strong, outspoken women in powerful positions. rob: sarah huckabee sanders discussing her view about hostile territory, her and her dad going from father daughter team to a tagteam. heather: no cowboys allowed in kid rock's hometown, some are trying to get him and from performing. ♪
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i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free. it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. try super poligrip free. ♪ bp developed new, industry-leading software to monitor drilling operations in real-time, so our engineers can solve problems with the most precise data at their fingertips. because safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better. >> welcome back. a high school tried to ban students from flying flags but
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the patriotic teenager saw that. rob: their fight to support freedom. >> reporter: the school wanted them to lower their flags. these kids did the opposite and minnesota high school is dropping a controversial policy banning flags from parking lot, the decision after a dozen teenagers staged a peaceful protest to the new rule, standing up for america by flying old glory on the back of their pickup trucks. >> it is america, how can we not fly our own flag on our trucks if we want? doesn't seem right. >> all our warriors out there fighting. >> reporter: the ban was introduced because of some students who for the confederate flag on their cars but after the protests the school reversed their decision. >> the protest was done
2:18 am
positively, appropriately, if you could have a protest you would want one to like students did today. >> reporter: the community rallying around their patriotic team. >> i am proud of those kids, that they are standing up for it. >> reporter: the school says they won't allow flag they consider offensive to fly on campus. student involved in the protest will be disciplined. like those sunglasses with the american flag on them. the washington nationals, the confederate -- stained-glass windows, honoring general robert e lee and stonewall jackson will be taken down and put into storage. cathedral officials have been planning to remove the windows, the violence in charlottesville set up the process. rob: a civil rights group wants to cancel upcoming kid rock
2:19 am
concerts. ♪ >> the detroit chapter once the rocker to back out of six performances in the new arena, they are upset about his views on the confederate flag, criticism of colin kaepernick and support for donald trump. we will see if he is running for office. heather: 19 minutes until the shop of the hour, a shocking survey showing a trend in partisanship. lee carter breaking down widening political divide. >> watch this woman slip out of her handcuffs before leaving police on a wild chase. ♪
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heather: the political divide in america has been widening for decades. look at this graphic by the wall street journal. you can see a fairly consistent drop in approval rating starting with president eisenhower in the 50s all the way to donald trump today. what does this mean for our country? lee carter is here to break it down. you say the difference is philosophy and it is fairly simple. >> it used to be republicans were the party that believes we want government out of business and individuals to have opportunity to do the best they can, democrats believe government programs were success, fairly simple debate, you can disagree, not to say that your bad person or good person, today democrat saying we are the parties cares about people and republicans don't.
2:24 am
you have a good versus evil debate. >> what about issue by issue? >> issue by issue something like immigration, immigration is an issue for democrats who say this is do you care about people or not. republicans say let's look at this as freedom, liberty and opportunity argument. we need to follow the letter of law. that we are talking about law versus care and it becomes good versus evil debate and you end up in a really rough place where you are saying not that we disagree on principle, we disagree on values. now i don't like you, you must be a bad person, completely different way of conversations and we had a generation ago. >> how about the way it relates to the economy? >> this comes at how do you work at the world, the government will provide a better opportunity for me than i could for myself, really need help or
2:25 am
do you look at it and say i want government out of my business? when you look at that, i believe it be better, republicans are more optimistic, the swing is 42% over obama but on the flipside democrats don't feel they have the future in front of the largely because they personalize this so much and that hasn't happened before. heather: there was another poll by the wall street journal, if you look at democrats, they approve of the job donald trump is doing by 8% and by contrast republicans 80%. >> a huge divide, not just a philosophical difference, we might disagree but we are trying to accomplish the same thing. people by saying if you disagree with me you are putting me in danger versus maybe this is a
2:26 am
difference of opinion. heather: reflected in congress trying to work together. >> when you see the president talking about bipartisan support and tax reform and one democrat willing to stand up with him it is a different age than we have been in before. >> leading by example the numbers will change with constituents. >> let's hope so, got to find issues we can put common ground in and put our values first, this is doing the right for our country, our people and putting partisanship aside and stop the finger-pointing because we are all americans, trying to do the best for america and that fundamental empathy or belief, the benefit of the doubt is no longer there. heather: rob? heather: thanks so much, 26 minutes after the hour amazon under fire, what the online retailer is accused of doing in the midst of the hurricane crisis and continuing coverage of this storm continues next,
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heather: fox news alert hurricane irma, the most powerful atlantic hurricane in history, full speed for the turks and caicos and the bahamas. >> after hammering puerto rico leaving unprecedented damage and claiming eight lives. rob: it is staring directly at florida but a couple days away but forcing brand-new evacuation orders at this point. heather: in miami beach thousands have been ordered to leave. >> reporter: people are taking that warning seriously, attempting to get food and water and gas and get out of town. people have been here waiting
2:31 am
for hours. the women you are seeing there have been there since 2:30 in the morning, told the gas would get here, three others were told gas would get here at 4:00, we have not seen any gas delivery, they are going to wait as long as possible because they have to get out of town. they are boarded up at the gas station and it is the scene they are playing out all across this area. you could see everything was boarded up and if you look at some video you will see everybody doing the same, boarding up, trying to get supplies, water. we went to a walmart yesterday and they were sold out of water days in advance, people are taking this seriously. how are you? >> how are you? heather: how long have you been waiting? >> an hour and a half. >> reporter: are you trying to get out of town? >> we don't know yet. we are looking at the news, how
2:32 am
the weather will turn out, more accurate direction what the weather will be like. >> reporter: i heard you talking to our producer that you have had a hard time finding water. >> we have been through a lot of grocery stores and convenience stores, water, canned goods, bread, necessities. >> reporter: are you surprised everything is gone so early? >> not really because a lot of people have been want to stock up so it is pretty much immediate reaction. reaching have you lived through hurricane before? >> this is my first time. >> reporter: thank you for talking to us which are you planning to wait for a while? >> we will see. >> reporter: every one sticking it out, if you want to get out of here you need gas.
2:33 am
everyone keeping an eye where this storm is going to go including donald trump. >> we are getting ready to respond to hurricane irma, working to help save lives, protect families and support those in need. >> reporter: nobody knows how long they will be out here waiting to get gas, the gas station across the street is the one we first saw, that shutdown, the lights are on but the pumps -- that is a scene you are seeing around here everywhere you go. >> janice dean standing by to tell us the latest on the storm's path. >> reporter: still a category 5, strongest hurricane you can have, amazing that it has maintained its strength this long. if there's any good news the worst core of the storm stayed
2:34 am
north of puerto rico it looks like it will stay north of hispaniola as well but monitoring this carefully because the bahamas in its sights next, turks and caicos, bahamas dealing with a category 5 storm. sending pictures of the caribbean, devastating, we are hoping everyone made their preparations and are ready for this. here's the track through friday and saturday moving through the bahamas was once it gets to south florida, the keys, we have a little bit of discrepancy, some uncertainty and that is why we have this cohen that gets wider the further out you go but south florida, miami, central florida, north florida the carolinas and georgia need to keep an eye on this storm is a couple things during a, the bermuda high makes its move westward and will get picked up by a trough? what will the timing be that it makes its northward curve? that is the uncertainty and i
2:35 am
need millions to be prepared for the storm system because we have a lot of uncertain variables. through saturday very good agreement, south florida dealing with an impact from a category 5 storm. after that does it hug the coast of florida? does it move up the peninsula? does it skip the coast of florida and moving to georgia or the carolinas as a category 3 or 2 storm? those things are yet to be determined. i need folks to listen to local officials and forecasters as well and keep you posted. heather: the virgin islands have not been able to get in touch since the storm went through. before, they were not taking it seriously and they were devastated. rob: that storm is obese, those winds are insane. heather: the strongest storm they have seen in their history.
2:36 am
surging from hundreds to thousands of dollars in hours. passengers accusing airlines like delta and united of price gouging to take advantage of evacuations ahead of hurricane irma. a 1-way ticket out of miami, $6000, jetblue dropping its prices, $99 per ticket to help residents evacuate. that should be illegal. for anyone looking to take a train rather than fly, amtrak announcing it is temporarily suspending all rail services in and out of the state ahead of irma. the next few days tickets have been canceled. heidi heitkamp at florida braces for this monster storm, customers reporting dramatically higher prices for things like
2:37 am
bottled water on, astronomical shipping costs, $180 to get it delivered before irma hits. amazon denies spiking prices and says they are working to remove the marked up water by third-party sellers. fox news alert, a freeze on all financial assets by north korean dictator kim jung un after the rogue nation detonated a hydrogen bomb and expect to lunch another one saturday. in response south korea finished installing its missile defense system developing a missile designed to destroy north korea's underground bases as 400 protesters clashing with police near south korea's missile defense shield resulting in dozens of injuries and a lot of panic in south korea. heather: opposition mounting to donald trump's plan to end daca. 15 states suing the government
2:38 am
saying the decision was motivated by prejudice against mexicans. daca, and obama europe program protect those who came to the us as children from being deported. according to attorney general sessions the program will end in six months so congress can find legislative solutions. rob: the corruption trial for bob menendez got to an emotional start, speaking to reporters outside federal courthouse. >> i am thankful for the countless new jersey into have called me and said they have my back as i had there is. >> reporter: another democrat, cory booker, sat in the first row of the courtroom, accused of carrying out a years long bribery scheme with a florida eye doctor and there appears to be a lot of evidence in this
2:39 am
case although menendez does deny the charges that this point. >> >> coming through the 12 inch windows. >> leading police on a 100 mile-per-hour chase after nearly half an hour, she drove off the road, to put her back in handcuffs a little tighter this time. officers install the new device to install future escapes with the hashtag only once. she got away. give her credit. 39 minutes after the hour donald trump shoulder to shoulder with north dakota democrat during the big tax speech yesterday. is it time to call off the resistance and get back to
2:40 am
bipartisanship? >> donald trump and the first lady revealing where their million dollar harvey donation is headed, carly shimkus has more. ♪ depend silhouette active fit briefs, feature a thin design for complete comfort. they say "move it or lose it" - and at my age, i'm moving more than ever. because getting older is inevitable. but feeling older? that's something i control. get a free sample at
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>> donald trump and the first lady revealing where there harvey donation is headed. heather: carly shimkus here with surprising reaction. >> reporter: a head scratcher, the white house released information on which charity will receive part of donald trump's hurricane harvey donation, the money will be split between 12 different organizations including the red cross, salvation army and christian relief organization, a full list right there but in an
2:44 am
example of no good deed going unpunished people are using this donation as an opportunity to attack the president. peggy says i will believe it when the check clears was another tweet says who knows if he will actually give it. that is his ammo, pledge and not give. we finally found somebody using the t word, jones says thank you, donald trump, for your wonderful donation, make america great again. this is an example of things to do. >> this is where critics do not do themselves a disservice. >> how much did this critic donate i wonder. heather: certainly not $1 million. let's talk about the view. sarah huckabee sanders and former arkansas mayor, her father, mike huckabee appeared
2:45 am
on the show yesterday and things got heated pretty quickly. >> the things he says about women are horrendous. how can you let your daughter defend him? >> he has empowered a lot of women which gave my daughter incredible opportunity. >> strong, outspoken women in powerful positions. >> that received rave reviews from trump supporters, good for sarah, astounded by the false stories about our president and this story, i saw a strong woman with other strong women and holding her own. oblong says way to go, sarah, we think you are great and your dad is also. interesting back and forth. they have been on the show together. how good of them to invite them for sure. tv to movies, jennifer lawrence
2:46 am
promoting a movie, scary movie called mother. she is accused of insulting the president during an interview to promote that movie. she said it is polarizing and upsetting, seen things on tv in my own country to devastate me and make me sick, it is confusing. the reporter times and saying you find donald trump confusing? jennifer lawrence says i don't find them confusing, i think i know exactly what he is. she also tried to lay trump supporters with climate change, a lot of people are upset about that. tj says please watch my movie, new hollywood scientist afraid to deliver hollywood approved facts. a little open-ended but people upset about that. the worst thing about october,
2:47 am
september. >> this is going to be good. >> let's check with steve ducey. >> reporter: on "fox and friends" in 14 minutes continuing coverage of hurricane irma, live reports from florida and we will check with brock long to see how they are preparing for this massive storm. did you see the tweets from brady judd? he says, quote, if you go to a shelter for irma and have a warrant we will gladly escort you to safe and secure shelter called polk county jail. we will talk to the sheriff live on "fox and friends" was a busy 3 hours kicks off on the channel you trust for your morning news, "fox and friends" first. we could see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of
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heather: former democratic staffer who fled pakistan is coming back to the us. tina striking a deal with federal officials to appear at her arraignment, worked with her husband and both face charges of conspiracy and bank fraud. she was arrested at the airport in july, they are doing -- due in court next month. rob: donald trump hitting the trail for tax reform trying to break down these partisan barriers as bad as you have ever seen joined by north dakota democratic senator heidi heitkamp. is this a sign for the left to stop obstructing and work with republicans to reach real reform and come together?
2:52 am
we will debate this, contributor for the hill, michael starr, thanks for coming in so early. this is a blood red state, north dakota. any democratic senator is very moderate if not conservative, not like he had chuck schumer on stage. >> he had a picture with chuck schumer and agreed to a deal, democrats can agree with the president, we will make sure things are better for all americans, where we disagree we will hold the president accountable. that is how our democracy works and how it should be. rob: i understand that but i feel it is not getting there. i understand what you're saying but some people say we won't do that. do you see them trying to work with the president? >> you see heidi heitkamp who is concerned her state went for donald trump 63% to hillary
2:53 am
clinton 25%, that has more to do with political survival than bipartisanship. congressman sherman in california told the la times in the last week or so that he can't work with donald trump without getting perished, punished. we saw chuck schumer senate minority leader, pursued a strategy of obstruction. i was heartened yesterday to see that photo up in the oval office with the president reaching out but this is the president's doing and doing this all spring long like he intended to reach across the isle when it comes to economic issues. heather: we have ideas about tax relief, some places both sides can agree on and others where they don't, the president open for a big gdp boost he can get to 3% and that could help deal with the deficit.
2:54 am
if he went to democrats and that i will give you big time middle-class, lower-class tax-cut if you give me my corporate tax cut, he was to get corporate tax rate down, would they vote for any tax relief if they got there middle-class tax relief? >> i democrats and republicans can come together on that and repatriating funds, we can talk about guaranteeing cost share reduction payments, strengthening e-verify. there are areas democrats and republicans can work together. politics, a lot of the media plays into not being able to work together. we are closer than we think. rob: it will be a long three years if they can't start working together, it is miserable at this point, nothing is getting done with this
2:55 am
divide. they expect more. i going to cave? will the resistance stop? will we see more working together? >> you have to look in terms of district to district, which democratic congressman and senators seat is in their interest to work in a bipartisan way and for chuck schumer tax reform is a good thing because new york state is a high tax state and a lot of highrolling constituents, particularly corporate tax rates and a silver lining, problem solvers caucus, 20 democrat, 20 republicans tend to be moderate and signaled they are willing to hold hands and get something done for the american people, the american people expect that. rob: there are a lot of fiscal democrats, thanks so much. conservative fiscal democrats that are fiscally conservative. 55 minutes after the hour, nine now confirmed dead from this
2:56 am
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mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again. heather: that was a fox news alert. hurricane irma the most powerful hurricane in history heading straight towards tucker turks and caicos and the bahamas. rob: you saw that video rocks being the caribbean striking puerto rico with a bit of a glancing blow
3:00 am
leaving unprecedented damage. blamed for at least nine deaths at this point. heather: in the monster storm's eye staring directly at florida forcing brand new evacuation orders. rob: continuing courage of hurricane irma starts right now on "fox & friends." we'll see you later. ♪ >> i cannot stress this enough. do not ignore orders. remember we can rebuild your home. we cannot rebuild your life. >> the storm already called the strongest atlantic ocean hurricane ever recorded. >> if irma slams first into miami, that is 6 million people facing catastrophic impact. >> president trump meets with democrats today to temporarily raise the debt limit in order to make sure that the harvey funding will happen for these victims. >> prior to leaving the white house, i had a great bipartisan meeting with democrat and republican leaders in congress. >> it was a really good moment of bipartisanship. and getting


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